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An Unlikely Gardener

God has connected us with the Earth. Our lifestyle is reflected in its well-being, and its state of health is reflected in ours. Our dependence on food is a daily reminder of our relationship with the Earth, and reveals a spiritual parallel about our relationship to Him and to each other. This design grounds us; it gives us a foundation of seasons and cycles to build our life around. You can’t cut corners. Its laws are settled, but if we honor the boundaries they provide us, we flourish in every way.

Most of us in today's culture have lived our lives outside these boundaries, but we are on our way back. I am knee-deep in this journey, but I started as an unlikely candidate. I grew up with a marginal appreciation for nature and cooking--and even less of a grid for growing food. But through my pursuit of healthy eating, I’ve become captivated by the profound way healthy living reshapes and redefines our values and the life we create. It has changed the way I cook, the way I shop, the way I imagine my future. It has caused me to care about things outside of my 'normal' like zero-waste living and sustainable farming practices. The simplicity of this focus once looked intimidating or maybe even dull, but I have found that the 'more' in life is deeply rooted in slowing down and reconsidering how to steward life's most basic processes. I’m discovering that the daily rhythms that provide the most peace, the best nourishment, the greater fulfillment, and the most meaningful connection with others are established with respect to these boundaries.

My passion for holistic living doesn't always translate into the real world. In many ways my life looks pretty typical. This has been a long 13-year journey full of vision and progress, as well as frustration and setbacks. I sometimes felt like I was standing alone in my quest. There is still a great chasm between what I envision and what I can practically carry out. There’s always much to consider: a husband with a job and a band, 5 kids with school and activities, a dog that follows me around, church life and my own internal perfectionism. Oh, and let's not forget tired-mom issues. Some of my great frustration is that I can see where I want to go, but get intimidated taking things to the 'next level.' The learning curve feels steep, and at this stage of life, I’m not interested in doing it alone.

This alliance with Katie and Kathryn at Organic Artisans has become a bridge for me. It is leading me beyond the territory I have fought to occupy in my own life, into a shared space. The future we have envisioned is one where we can go further together than I could hope to go alone. As we are all finding our way through a time of great cultural change, our hope is that this would be a place where you can find encouragement, connection, and resources to take the next step, whether that step has to do with the 'organic life,' or simply saying 'yes' to keeping your eyes open.


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