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The year my dad was born, and in the very same town he lived in, a man decided to make his dream into a fantasy that was a reality, and would later become one of my first workspaces.  The spot he chose was a forgotten orange grove in the middle of nowhere, Orange County.  Just a few years prior, this man had what seemed to be a nervous breakdown.  He went into hiding for quite a while, and found solace in reconstructing the one memory that brought delight to his heart from his very rough childhood.  He built a miniature replica of a train station he once lived next to back in Missouri, followed by a track with a "little" (that you could sit on top of) train that chugged along.  He'd bring folks from all over to ride his toy train with a silly grin on his face and a conductor's hat on his head.  His friends and family thought he had officially gone mad. Little did they know that this second childhood of sorts, this crazy expression of healing, childlike joy, was the birthplace of Disneyland. 

He decided to build Disneyland in one year, start to finish.  Advisors begged him to delay the grand opening.  It wasn't ready!  But Walt was insistent. He set a date and was determined to keep it.  

When Disneyland opened, the cement was still wet.  Ladies' heels actually got stuck in the soft pavement that didn't have time to dry.  Rides malfunctioned and the television broadcast had too many glitches to count.  This day is known in Disneyland history as Black Sunday because of all the problems, but boy does it make a good story!  And stories were Walt's speciality.

Why did Mr. Disney push for opening when the park was clearly not ready?  I think there were lots of reasons, but I believe the two main ones were 1) When you're pregnant (with a baby or a dream) and you have a due date, you NEED the baby/dream out no later than that date. 2)  I think he was too excited to wait any longer to offer his dream to the world so he welcomed us into it by proclaiming, "Disneyland is your land... dedicated to the ideals, the dreams... that will be a source of inspiration to the world."

Before I go on, I don't claim to be a Walt Disney by any means. However, I found myself relating to his feelings more than once on this journey.  I pictured launching this little website with everything perfectly polished and stocked.  The store would be bulging with our favorite goods, there would be at least dozens of new recipes to try, we'd already have networks for local Organic Artisans to connect in towns all over the world, and our events calendar would be speckled with all sorts of fun and exciting things.  The closer we got to our launch date, the more I realized we were quite far from perfectly polished and stocked.  But the thing is, I couldn't put the Grand Opening off any longer.  The cement is still wet, you might get a heal stuck in it, but I offer it to you now, in it's small beginnings.

This is a space for creatives, dreamers, doers, lovers of creation and community.  A safe place for those who notice and value the sacred beauty of the everyday.  A place where toxins aren't present, in words or goods, and where we value the process as much as the product.  A place that is both/and.  A place to share and learn.  A place to be as interactive or introverted as you desire for today.

This all might be quite vague; it is a small beginning of a big dream, ever moving and changing. We want it to grow organically with you in mind, so we welcome you here and now, wet cement and all, to be a part of this journey because we believe together, we can all be a source of inspiration to the world and for the world.

Enjoy exploring this new space and see what's coming soon.