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Finding Abundance

A few years ago, I was in our local natural food grocery store, doing my weekly shopping. Like many of my shopping days, I didn’t bring a list and now it was decision-making time for what I would feed my family of seven. Being in less of a rush that afternoon, I slowly perused the aisles, aware of the many choices I had to wade through each time I make plans for my family's meals. Well aware of SO many different approaches to healthy eating, as well as many different ethnic twists I could take—I suddenly realized that all of this information was working against me in that moment. Rather than trying to reason my way through using my own decision-making efforts, I miraculously turned my thoughts to the One who has the answers. I simply asked, “How should I eat? How should I feed my family?” This question is one that I consistently ask myself as I prepare meals each week. Yet, many times I forget to ask Him directly. The answer came quickly and clearly with profound simplicity, “Eat what is in abundance. My abundance is always available, you just have to know where to look.” 

In my spirit, I felt a deep sigh of relief and whole-hearted agreement.

I love God’s answers. They cut through the complications and confusion. They are saturated with hope and possibility, and illuminate a path to move forward in steps that He has prepared us to take.

We live in a time when everything has come into question, from the food that we eat, to the education we want for our children, to the way we approach health and wellness, work, faith, and even identity. In these areas and countless other ones, we all carry different questions in our hearts. My questions almost always have to do with lifestyle changes. I am always reconsidering what is essential in our lives—trying to discover what God wants to establish on earth vs. what our culture (and humankind) historically set into motion apart from Him. What systems were established to create our own man-made abundance? What does our daily life look like when we are rightly related to God, to the Earth, and to each other? 

My waking thought on Easter Sunday was the Lord reminding me that He came that we might have life, and have it abundantly. His abundance is not just provision, it is a mindset—a filter through which we were designed to set our expectations and view our future. I believe as we are steeped in the awareness of his AVAILABLE abundance, we will be able to navigate the great changes that are coming with peace, joy and endless creativity! 




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