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Mimi Grace started at the Redding Farmer's Market two years ago with specialty coffees and gluten free waffles. While creating community through good food and drink has always been in their vision; getting to know the local farming community expanded their vision to see how opening a shop could support and grow the local economy. By showcasing how delicious local ingredients are and sourcing from local artisans, Mimi Grace is not just a coffee shop, but a catalyst for local economy and other aspiring entrepreneurs. Warren and Naomi are passionate about bringing their journey of healing, health and wholeness to the Redding community through a coffee shop with values they hold dear to their own lives.
ON THE MENU: classic gluten free waffles, sweet & savory gluten free waffle, yogurt granola parfait (with limited amount of cashew yogurt), espresso beverages with house made sauces, healthy lattes (beetroot latte/turmeric latte/matcha latte/red latte)


The Elderberry Lady

FB: @theelderberrylady
IG: @theelderberrylady


Kathryn Nordyke moved to Redding five years ago, and got completely hammered with sickness. She was desperate for anything that would help her family fight off all the junk they were being hit with. She stumbled across Elderberry and it's incredible ability to fight off illness. It is an amazing little berry full of antioxidants as well as vitamins A and C. Not satisfied with the bitter taste in the store, she started making her own. Not only did her family LOVE the taste, but it actually worked! And thus she became The Elderberry Lady.

ON THE MENU: Organic Elderberry Syrup (Filtered Water, Organic Elderberries, Raw Local Honey, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Clove, and Organic Ginger) 


Specializing in gluten free desserts, Measures of Joy uses original recipes that have been uniquely developed to taste like the real thing- maybe even better. Jen's recipes aren't just a quick attempt to create something edible that is gluten free, but are the result of hundreds of trial-and-errors in her own kitchen. Her years of faithfully testing and retesting what ingredients work best together to create the perfect taste and texture of each hand crafted dessert has not only brought joy to those who are strictly gluten-free, but even to those who aren't!

ON THE MENU: Best. Brownie. Ever. Cranberry Vanilla Chip Blondie, Pumpkin Vanilla Chip Blondie, Paleo Cherry Coconut Cookies

MIX LINE: Brownie Mix, Blondie Mix, Carrot Cake Mix, Chocolate Cake Mix, Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, Cornbread Mix, Donut Mix, Funnel Cake Mix Lemon, Cookie Mix, Pancake Mix, Pie Crust Mix, Snicker Doodle Cookie Mix,
Italian Sodas and Snow Cones with organic, natural dyed syrups.


Cindy began working with wood three years ago after a life long fascination with power tools and a craving for a farmhouse table. She enjoys creating beautiful things out of new and reclaimed wood. Her passion is teaching woodworking classes to release creativity, create community, and empower others to find their creative voice in woodworking. 
ON THE MENU: New and Reclaimed wood items, unique, customizable pieces, and an opportunity to sign up for classes. 


Creativity has always been Cami’s outlet and safe place. She developed a passion for words as a young girl, and as she grew, she found there was nothing better than those words written beautifully. Figuratively and literally. Enter in, Zea Ink, a modern calligraphy expression honoring that very thing. Cami finds joy in bringing beauty to this world through brush strokes, bold lines, paint splatters and bright pops of colour. It's in the mess and mystery of each piece that she fully comes to life. 
ON THE MENU: handmade calligraphy prints, journals, cards and home decor.


The Good Stink candles are made with organic soy wax and hand poured with love by Kristen Buchanan. The Good Stink was launched in 2014, but Kristen had been making candles as a hobby for a few years before that. She also loves design, logos and product creation. The combination of her love for all things design and her candle making hobby led to the creation of The Good Stink. 
Original Stinker (8oz) $19 - Burn time: 50+ hours
Little Sticker (4oz) $12 - Burn time: 15+ hours
10 Flavors (in both sizes): Happy, Ricky, Lucy, Hazelnut Coffee, Spiced Chai, Honky Tonk, Grow a Pear, Granny Smith, Caramel Popcorn, and Love Spell.


Hello Sunshine

IG: well_hello_sunshine


Hello Sunshine specializes in modern-romantic home decor & floral crowns. We craft elegant pieces that brighten spaces and also speak truth about people's worth, identity & beauty. All items are handmade with love in Redding, Ca.
ON THE MENU: handmade wreaths and flower crowns. 


Wildflowers and Flamingos exists to give your heart a voice through custom designed calligraphy and the power of story. 
ON THE MENU: Custom prints in 8.5x11 & 5x7 sizes 

  • a very limited quantity of wood signs, 12"x12" approx
  • a 15% discount on all custom orders made that day

Desert’s Edge Co.

FB: @desertsedgeco
IG: @desertsedgeco
Email: desertsedgeco@gmail.com


Desert’s Edge was founded by Lizzie (18). She and her family work together to create each item. They like to jam out to the oldies or Bethel music in the garage while they handcraft their products. They love connecting with local artisans and believe we are all better together working towards a thriving community. 
4ft, 6ft and 8ft pine ladders stained and distressed
24” inch and larger hexagon wall shelf
6 ft ladder shelf with 4 graduating shelves
Planters for tomato and other veggies close to the house
Bird feeders that are in the shape of a bird house for only 10.00 each
Wine/color bottle sconces perfect for flowers
Rustic CA cedar signs and flags complete with CA bearTile top side tables
Stand up cedar wrapped dressing mirrors: 28 x 70”
We also do special orders 


Joshua Reed is a local potter based out of Redding, CA. He received his Fine Arts degree from Taylor University in 2011. While attending Taylor, he interned under a local potter in Downhill, Northern Ireland and studied art in Orvieto, Italy, just north of Rome. Joshua has been throwing and making pots for over 9 years and has taught classes for both children and adults. He is currently offering classes in Redding and Anderson. His work is featured in California, Indiana, and online. 
ON THE MENU: hand crafted mugs, places, and bowls. 


$1 Finds for Kids

Katie and Lauren


In an effort to stay true to their zero waste convictions, Katie and Lauren are setting up a table of kids items. 
ON THE MENU: second hand kids toys and clothing for $1


It all started in December of 2013 when Myriah’s 21 month old daughter rapidly began to develop an eczema rash all over her body. She couldn't sleep and would scratch to a bloody mess in her bed each night. They tried what felt like everything from "miracle" bubble baths to bleach baths to sleeping in wet jammies, then removing all sorts of common "triggers" from her diet. While it felt like things would work for a day or two, the deep, itchy rash always came back full force. Reading for hours and hours, searching for answers, led her to learn about tallow balm and it's remarkable effect on eczema. And naturally (because she has tons of free time, wink wink), she decided to try making it. And it worked! Word travels fast when something works! People with normal, oily, dry, rashy, and even perfect skin love the way Gold Clover feels on their skin.
ON THE MENU: Whips, Balms, Lip Balms, and Pocket Balms. 


Suess’s Soaps

FB: @suesssoap


Eunice Suess is an ex-social worker, now stay-at-home mom of four beautiful adopted children and one adorable foster child. She started making soap six years ago and fell in love with it. Since she had no children at that time, she spent hours developing the perfect recipes for luxurious, non-drying, all natural bars. These are not mix and pour soaps. They are made the old-fashioned way, handcrafted and hand cut. 
Her soap is 100% natural with no dyes, chemical fragrances, or preservatives, and is also vegan. Essential oils are used in each product.
ON THE MENU: Lavender Luxury Spa bar, Morning Kiss, and Lemon Hippy.


Ashley created PUR Pits one day after trying a plethora of "natural" deodorants, only to find that NOT a single one worked for her. Her friend suggested making her own, and the rest is now history. She now makes natural deodorant that actually works, right out of her own home.
ON THE MENU: Stick and Spray Deodorants made with: Coconut oil, Tallow, Shea butter, Bee’s wax, Arrowroot, Baking soda, and Essential oils


Designs by
Emily Christenson



Having been creative since she was little, it was natural for Emily to get into the art of jewelry making. She began making jewelry for friends and family, and then started to sell her creations a few years ago. Emily likes using different materials in her work: such as leather, wood, metal, etc. She leans towards a simple, boho chic or modern style. She starts from scratch as much as possible but also enjoys bringing together different (pre-made) elements to create something new.
ON THE MENU: Wooden earrings and necklaces, Metal necklaces (keys, arrows, clock parts, etc.). Stone necklaces, and Leather chevron necklaces.


Annette Jurecki is a Bethel Healing Rooms Prophetic Artist and a Creative Artisan who founded Heartbeat of the Kingdom. Her passion is for daughters and sons to behold who and whose they are! Identity is the cornerstone for this healing ministry, expressed through the creative arts: paintings, handmade necklaces and other handcrafted expressions born out of the Father's heart to yours.
ON THE MENU: handmade clay necklaces, notecards, prints, and canvases. 


The Crowning Jewels calls forth purpose and identity through beautiful, handmade, and meaningful jewelry. The Crowning Jewels began when founder, Anne Ballard, discovered the power of words to transform. As she embarked on a journey of discovering her creativity and how the words she spoke could change her life, she used her jewelry to encourage others to cling to the truth of who God created them to be. Since our beginnings at Anne’s desk in 2012, The Crowning Jewels has grown to a team of ten and has reached thousands of people all around the world with the message of hope and identity.
ON THE MENU:  Prophetic and inspirational jewelry from our best-selling collections